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Here are some testimonials from locally coaches athletes to distant athletes around Australia and the world.

I backed my training and all the wonderful guidance I had from the truly awsome Kelly-ann Varey and worked my butt off the get it done.

Shaun BradbyAthlete

Lake Crackenback was a truly memorable experience. The Running, YOGA, Accommodation and food was perfectly catered for.

Can not wait to go back. Thanks, UP Coaching for organising an awesome getaway.

Vanessa Cullen
Vanessa Cullen

Run with Confidence has helped my running and race preparation for Western Sydney Half marathon.

The Skills I learnt over the course helps my form and has improved my running immensely. Thanks, UP Coaching.

Donna Voysey
Donna Voysey
Hills District, NSW

It was an eye-opening experience and privileged to attend a trail running camp lead by Australia's leading trail runner. Brendan is a great communicator who passionately shares his extensive knowledge and love for running. I left the camp equipped & inspired to run my first solo trail running event, all 100kms of it. With Brendan's help, I achieved the goal I set out for.

So impressed by my experience of Brendan's coaching I encouraged two of my children (aged 13 & 14) to attend a kids trail running clinic which he also led. My children, at different levels, were both inspired and enjoyed the clinic. I was greatly impressed to see how Brendan was able to connect with the all the children and once again pass on not only his knowledge but a passion for the sport.

Joel Mac


Gold Coast, QLD

If you're looking for a coach/mentor to help you perform to your best and one that ticks every box from Training plans, Nutrition, Gear, Race Strategy and Mental toughness, there is no better coach than Brendan Davies!

In March 2013 I was training for the TNF100 Australia 2013 and I felt with 9 weeks to go I was underdone and nowhere near ready to tackle this crazy distance for the first time. So with just 8 1/2 weeks until TNF100 I contacted Up Coaching. Brendan offered to mentor me on my journey to TNF and boy what a difference it made.

Brendan mapped out my training for the next 8 weeks taking into consideration my family, lifestyle, current fitness level and current training, the training plan was fantastic, it was specific, lots of variety but at the same time very challenging, included pace bands and was flexible, just what I needed. Not only did Brendan change my training plan, he gave me advice on which gear to use, mapped out my Nutrition for training and the race, put together my race plan and strategy, he even spent 1 hour with me on the phone going through the course in fine detail. I had daily feedback on my sessions via Garmin Connect, weekly calls to discuss training and the race. To be honest, I felt like an elite Athlete, Brendan left nothing out, he did my thinking for me, I just had to follow the plan and turn up to the start line. When I started training, the goal was to run sub 15hours, with 2 weeks to go, Brendan moved the goal posts and said I should aim for sub 14 hours and he based this on my performance in training and the times I was running, Sub 14 was my dream goal.

On 18th May 2013 I ran my first 100km Ultra Marathon at the TNF100 in the Blue Mountains, my main goal was to finish and my dream goal was sub 14hours. I ran 13hours 40min and achieved a Silver Belt Buckle, WOW! I could only dream of this 9 weeks before and it's thanks to Brendan Davies that I arrived on that start line fitter than I have ever been, full of confidence and with a plan in place to achieve my dream!

Brendan you are an absolute Legend, your guidance and support made the difference, not only was I physically ready, my mind was in the right place and the nutrition plan worked a treat, still amazed at the way you mapped out my race with my splits, they were all within 5 mins of what you planned. Onwards and upwards from here!


Online client

I was fortunate to be coached by Brendan in the lead up to TNF100 2013 and the Canberra marathon. This was an invaluable experience in two key ways. Firstly, Brendan showed me how to train effectively. I'd read widely before his coaching, but due to differing views in the ultra community was uncertain about some aspects of training, in particular, the value of speed training. Sometimes it helps to just do what you're told, by someone who clearly has a winning formula and knows first hand what really works. Doing this has shown me that intervals and hill repeats do actually work - so I continue to do them today. The second key lesson, which I try and get from all high-performance athletes I meet, is an insight into the mentally of a winner. As an example, immediately after running my first sub 3hr marathon, Brendan said something along the lines of, "Good work, but next time 2:55hr." It's this sort of attitude that I believe helps more than any training program.

Paul Cuthbert


Southern Sydney, NSW

I was lucky enough to spend a perfect autumn day with Brendan, running approx 1/3 of the TNF100 course, in the lead up to my first ultra trail event. Although his tips on everything from technique and form to running lines and trail etiquette never stopped, Brendan made me feel like I was spending the day with a mate, rather than a trainer or coach. It was undoubtedly the most gruelling but satisfying training session I had in the lead up to TNF100. Brendan's generosity with his time and knowledge continued after our run with an invaluable tutorial on everything from nutrition & hydration to gear and checkpoint advice.

Despite an obvious fountain of knowledge in all areas of his craft, Brendan's greatest gift to me as a coach was to instil confidence and an "anything's possible" belief in myself. He continues to motivate me through his own achievements long after our session together has ended, with his successes encouraging me to hit the trails. I would not hesitate in recommending one-on-one coaching with Brendan to anyone. I would rate the experience I had with Brendan as more valuable than a hundred personal training sessions in a gym and infinitely more enjoyable.


Sydney, NSW

I was fortunate to have Brendan as my local mentor, running advisor and training partner in his time living in the inner-west. From 2009, I enjoyed being part of Brendan’s exciting journey in running, our weekly speed training sessions at Henley Park and pre-race goal-setting discussions. At the end of 2009, Brendan, after representing Australia in the 100km road world championships, had inspired and encouraged me to attempt my first ultra marathon. In January 2010, I ran my first 100km at the age of 19 in under 12 hours (even if it meant fainting at the end!), set many personal records and even a Guinness World Record, all of which I would not have been able to accomplish without Brendan’s support, encouragement and training.

Brendan has been blessed with the ability to hone in on people’s natural abilities, ignite a determined, positive, goal-focused mindset and help each individual realise his/her potential (beyond what he/she think capable!). I have continued to be inspired by Brendan as his soars in his ultrarunning career globally. He has since encouraged and advised me on my journey to sponsorship, to set my goals on and achieve the Australian Young Ultra Runner of 2013 award and overall kaizen in my running. I look forward to continually learning from Brendan as a mentor, advisor and globally renowned trail runner, as I venture to diversify my running career to the trails and beyond.

Having never followed a program or run to a plan, I was nervous about how I would go with a coach. After working with Brendan to prepare for the Sydney Marathon in 2012 I soon realised that a good coach and mentor can make a huge difference in self-belief, running ability and athletic potential. Brendan created a plan for me that factored in my ‘life’. Importantly, Brendan affirmed the need to find the balance between knowing how to push my limits whilst still listening to and respecting my body. After having a good result at the Sydney Marathon I went on to have success in a number of other races of varying distances, I know that Brendan’s coaching was a big part of these results.

I have also been lucky enough to work alongside Brendan facilitating trail running clinics for kids and the Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Marathon training camp. As well as being an amazing teacher, Brendan is professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. These qualities combined with his patient nature and passion for running makes me confident that Brendan could take any runner 'to the next level'!

Jo Brischettomember
Jo Brischetto


General Manager – Lake Crackenback

I just wanted to say thank you so much. From the moment I introduced myself to social media, you have not only been a true business professional but also become my running mentor and most importantly a friend for life

Never in my wildest dreams after you won TNF100 did I see what would happen next after a simple tweet. Last year’s 3 trail running weekends here at Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa was an incredible success in every sense, so much so that we locked in the next series immediately for summer 2014-15. The professionalism, skills, workshops, sharing information and personal approach made each weekend unique and very personal. They were mixed with a real sense of camaraderie with each event unique and special for all runners of all levels who attended. You then went 1 step further, becoming our trail running ambassador in this booming niche running market at a time when you are at the peak of your career. On top of the Lake Crackenback weekends, I was able to personally achieve my own dreams by ticking off the No. 1 item on my bucket list The North Face 100km in May 2014. My journey included a lot of adversity and injuries and each time you picked me up and took me to an even higher level that I thought I was ever capable of achieving physically and mentally. After taking a self-imposed 3-month break from running I look forward to setting my next goals for yourself and continuing to strive to “do something extraordinary” in my life with you as my coach

Brendan DaviesHead Coach
Scott O’Neile
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