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Here are some testimonials from locally coaches athletes to distant athletes around Australia and the world.

Hi Brendan. It’s been 12 months today since I was first welcomed into to Upcoaching community. It was a Tuesday session on the stairs and trails at Knapsack. Thank you.

Many new friends. Encouragement. Support. Laughter and most importantly a great deal of fun whilst learning a new trade. I’ve had good days. I’ve had not so good days. Tired body. Sore body. Ongoing injuries. I’m certainly not the fastest but I still managed to complete my first ever trail runs, AAA25 and UTA50, I also managed to complete my first ever C2S and Blackmores 10km. I’m on my way to being a regular Parkrun participant where ever I may be on a Saturday morning.

If I can start this running journey then anyone can. All I say to people is it’s never too late and you are never too old to take up running.

As I move into year two I look forward to running smarter, faster, stronger and longer.......and of course enjoy and embracing what the Upcoaching Community is all about. Thank you and everyone at Upcoaching 😊

Stephen Russelathlete

"I wanted to give you some feedback on David.
He is a magician! I entered the half as a last minute thing to kill time so I could watch Bec. David had me down to do 18k and 2 hours so thought it would be good timing.
I wanted to run to feel, not push hard after a big lead up and a big fall last week.
David also has been managing me through a runners knee.. so I ran without pressure and no looking at times, my expectation was circa 2:20 to do comfortably.
Today I crossed in 1:59 and had no idea I had even broken 2hrs. I had plenty left in the tank and no pain at all.
I was so excited and emotional I contacted him straight away and as is the humble nature of the man he took no credit.
Brendan, I could not be happier or healthier. Whilst, not an elite athlete, David treats me like a human and an athlete. He is a gentleman and he takes the time to understand you and what you are trying to achieve.
I am currently working close to 90 hours a week and yet he still has me wanting to crank out the kms. I feel lucky to have his advise and coaching. It is a privilege most on life are not afforded.
Thanks to both of you."

Troy DawsonLocal Athlete

Brilliant, superb, awesome, that about sums up this trip. If you are up for an adventure and don't want the hassle of finding accommodation or great food, and of course superb trails, then this is the trip for you. Brendan and his awesome team will take care of all this for you. I was blown away by the scenery of Chamonix and more importantly, went to places that I would not have had the confidence to go to by myself without the Up\P Coaching team preparing all this for me. Superb trip, highly recommends it.

Paul M

This tour was extremely well planned and managed by all. Once there everything was taken care of for us and the accommodation was stunning, conveniently located and very comfortable. Food catered for everyone’s dietary needs and was really tasty, plus there was never a shortage for breakfast, lunch & dinner on hungry runners tummy’s. 
The running itself was truely such an exceptional experience. Being able to run in these stunning locations, with coaches of such a high caliber is a experience very few get to enjoy. All runner abilities where catered for, so no one was left behind. I would 100% encourage others to take part in this experience, as I certainly hope to again.

Rebecca D
I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural France Up & About Chamonix tour in July 2018!

The tour was very well organised and the cost included accommodation, catering, travel & daily guided scenic running / hiking adventures.
The accommodation was a beautiful chalet which was spacious and very comfortable and included a hot tub & Spa and only a 5 minute walk to the little village of Chamonix.  
The catering was brilliant, the food was just amazing catering for many different dietary requirements and there were always leftovers which definitely did not go to waste.
There was a perfect mix of daily running, time to relax & unwind, shop or sightsee and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting an adventure without all the hassle involved in planning etc. 
Well done UP Coaching tour team

Nicki Conners

I backed my training and all the wonderful guidance I had from the truly awsome Kelly-ann Varey and worked my butt off the get it done.

Shaun BradbyAthlete

Lake Crackenback was a truly memorable experience. The Running, YOGA, Accommodation and food was perfectly catered for.

Can not wait to go back. Thanks, UP Coaching for organising an awesome getaway.

Vanessa Cullen
Vanessa Cullen

Run with Confidence has helped my running and race preparation for Western Sydney Half marathon.

The Skills I learnt over the course helps my form and has improved my running immensely. Thanks, UP Coaching.

Donna Voysey
Donna Voysey
Hills District, NSW

It was an eye-opening experience and privileged to attend a trail running camp lead by Australia's leading trail runner. Brendan is a great communicator who passionately shares his extensive knowledge and love for running. I left the camp equipped & inspired to run my first solo trail running event, all 100kms of it. With Brendan's help, I achieved the goal I set out for.

So impressed by my experience of Brendan's coaching I encouraged two of my children (aged 13 & 14) to attend a kids trail running clinic which he also led. My children, at different levels, were both inspired and enjoyed the clinic. I was greatly impressed to see how Brendan was able to connect with the all the children and once again pass on not only his knowledge but a passion for the sport.

Joel Mac


Gold Coast, QLD

If you're looking for a coach/mentor to help you perform to your best and one that ticks every box from Training plans, Nutrition, Gear, Race Strategy and Mental toughness, there is no better coach than Brendan Davies!

In March 2013 I was training for the TNF100 Australia 2013 and I felt with 9 weeks to go I was underdone and nowhere near ready to tackle this crazy distance for the first time. So with just 8 1/2 weeks until TNF100 I contacted Up Coaching. Brendan offered to mentor me on my journey to TNF and boy what a difference it made.

Brendan mapped out my training for the next 8 weeks taking into consideration my family, lifestyle, current fitness level and current training, the training plan was fantastic, it was specific, lots of variety but at the same time very challenging, included pace bands and was flexible, just what I needed. Not only did Brendan change my training plan, he gave me advice on which gear to use, mapped out my Nutrition for training and the race, put together my race plan and strategy, he even spent 1 hour with me on the phone going through the course in fine detail. I had daily feedback on my sessions via Garmin Connect, weekly calls to discuss training and the race. To be honest, I felt like an elite Athlete, Brendan left nothing out, he did my thinking for me, I just had to follow the plan and turn up to the start line. When I started training, the goal was to run sub 15hours, with 2 weeks to go, Brendan moved the goal posts and said I should aim for sub 14 hours and he based this on my performance in training and the times I was running, Sub 14 was my dream goal.

On 18th May 2013 I ran my first 100km Ultra Marathon at the TNF100 in the Blue Mountains, my main goal was to finish and my dream goal was sub 14hours. I ran 13hours 40min and achieved a Silver Belt Buckle, WOW! I could only dream of this 9 weeks before and it's thanks to Brendan Davies that I arrived on that start line fitter than I have ever been, full of confidence and with a plan in place to achieve my dream!

Brendan you are an absolute Legend, your guidance and support made the difference, not only was I physically ready, my mind was in the right place and the nutrition plan worked a treat, still amazed at the way you mapped out my race with my splits, they were all within 5 mins of what you planned. Onwards and upwards from here!

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