Mick Keyte


  • Adelaide

Coaching Roles

  • Mick coaches online athletes

Coaching Specialisations

  • Trail/Mountain any distance including 100km and multi-day.
  • Road Running (any distance)


Mick started running about 10 years ago after running a half marathon with a friend. A few years of marathons (PB 2.39) and road running, he needed new challenge! Learning to swim and back on the bike after being hit by Adelaide’s only tram in his youth, he completed 6 Ironmans! In 2013 Mick found the taste for the trail and has never looked back. Really enjoy the trail community, “such a great bunch of friendly people!” and his love of being outdoors and running the trails in the mountains is a strong passion – “it’s a great way to experience this world of ours.”


  • Athletics Australia Accredited Level 1 Community Coach
Coach Stats

Coaching Highlights

Person Stats

Personal Stats

  • Alpine Challenge 100km 13h1min
  • Heysen 57km 5hr56min
  • Razorback 64km 1st 7hr 50min
  • World Trail Champs France 85km 110th 12hr20min


  • Busselton Ironman 10hr30min
  • Maroondah Dam 50km 3rd 4hr26m
  • Bogong to Hotham 64km 5th 7hr53m
  • The North Face 100km 20th 11hr38m
  • You Yangs 80km 1st 7hr24m
  • Yurrebilla 56km 6th 5hr38m


  • Razorback 64km 3rd 7hr43m
  • Paris Marathon 2hr46m
  • Melbourne Ironman 9hr40m (swim shortened)
  • Barossa Marathon 2hr52m
  • Yurrebilla 56km 6hr54m
  • McLaren Vale ½ marathon 1hr16m


  • Melbourne Marathon 2hr39m
  • Port Macquarie Ironman 10hr30m
  • Adelaide Marathon 2hr45m


  • Athletics Australia Level 1 Recreational Running Coach

Mick Keyte

Road Running
Trail Running

Hi Brendan. It’s been 12 months today since I was first welcomed into to Upcoaching community. It was a Tuesday session on the stairs and trails at Knapsack. Thank you.

Many new friends. Encouragement. Support. Laughter and most importantly a great deal of fun whilst learning a new trade. I’ve had good days. I’ve had not so good days. Tired body. Sore body. Ongoing injuries. I’m certainly not the fastest but I still managed to complete my first ever trail runs, AAA25 and UTA50, I also managed to complete my first ever C2S and Blackmores 10km. I’m on my way to being a regular Parkrun participant where ever I may be on a Saturday morning.

If I can start this running journey then anyone can. All I say to people is it’s never too late and you are never too old to take up running.

As I move into year two I look forward to running smarter, faster, stronger and longer.......and of course enjoy and embracing what the Upcoaching Community is all about. Thank you and everyone at Upcoaching 😊

Stephen Russelathlete

"I wanted to give you some feedback on David.
He is a magician! I entered the half as a last minute thing to kill time so I could watch Bec. David had me down to do 18k and 2 hours so thought it would be good timing.
I wanted to run to feel, not push hard after a big lead up and a big fall last week.
David also has been managing me through a runners knee.. so I ran without pressure and no looking at times, my expectation was circa 2:20 to do comfortably.
Today I crossed in 1:59 and had no idea I had even broken 2hrs. I had plenty left in the tank and no pain at all.
I was so excited and emotional I contacted him straight away and as is the humble nature of the man he took no credit.
Brendan, I could not be happier or healthier. Whilst, not an elite athlete, David treats me like a human and an athlete. He is a gentleman and he takes the time to understand you and what you are trying to achieve.
I am currently working close to 90 hours a week and yet he still has me wanting to crank out the kms. I feel lucky to have his advise and coaching. It is a privilege most on life are not afforded.
Thanks to both of you."

Troy DawsonLocal Athlete

Brilliant, superb, awesome, that about sums up this trip. If you are up for an adventure and don't want the hassle of finding accommodation or great food, and of course superb trails, then this is the trip for you. Brendan and his awesome team will take care of all this for you. I was blown away by the scenery of Chamonix and more importantly, went to places that I would not have had the confidence to go to by myself without the Up\P Coaching team preparing all this for me. Superb trip, highly recommends it.

Paul M