UP Coaching Spring 21.1 Challenge


Purpose: to challenge participants to improve their half marathon times during Spring 2019

Outcomes: Athletes set PB in half marathon distance (alternatively they make progress toward “Back to Best” following injury or illness, childbirth, or even an extended absence from running) – “Best” is not necessarily defined by the finish time/pace alone. With three months of training, the challenge provides ample opportunity for improvement, while providing some allowance for minor setbacks along the way – each day does not need to be perfect: it’s about progress!


  1. Athletes sign up to Spring 21.1 Challenge
  2. Athletes complete a survey to determine their current level, and set reasonable stretch goals for the challenge (no sandbagging!)
  3. Until the end of September, participants must log a half marathon distance (either in a race or training). If completing a half marathon distance is out of reach of any particular athlete during these two weeks, then they should complete the longest run they can (walking is perfectly acceptable)
  4. From 1st September, all participants get access to a private Facebook group which will provide support, encouragement, training tips, nutritional advice and recipes
  5. From 1st September, it is recommended that participants start logging their food and drinks as accurately as possible in MyFitnessPal
  6. Between the first training session in September, and the last one in November, all UP Coaching sessions will be geared towards improving half marathon times. Alternative sessions will also occur for non-challenge participants who are not focusing on half marathon distances. For athletes unable to attend the UP Coaching sessions, details of the sessions will be available in the private Facebook group for completion in their own time
  7. Participants should plan to complete their final half marathon (race or distance completion) during the two weeks of November (or on Sunday 1st December at the latest) – participants are responsible for their own race entries
  8. By 11.59pm on Sunday 1st December, all participants must have completed a post-challenge assessment online, including a link to the race result or Strava record of their run
  9. From Monday 2nd December, UP Coaching coaches will analyse the results and award winners based on achievement of, or progression towards personal goals
  10. Winners will be announced at the UP Coaching Christmas Party (any winning participants not in attendance will be contacted by phone)



  1. Entry is open to ANYONE over the age of 16 (under 18s must have parental permission)
  2. Entry fee is $21.10 per person
  3. Locally coached and monthly clients can continue to attend UP Coaching sessions as per usual. Casual session fees apply to everyone else (a good opportunity to switch over to monthly!)
  4. In return for the entry fee, participants receive access to the Facebook group and a an UP Coaching buff
  5. Prizes will be awarded at the judges’ (UP Coaching coaches’) discretion, based on achievement of or progress towards personal goals. Final decisions on award winners will be made by Brendan Davies
  6. To be eligible for prizes; participants must log their “starting run” and goal setting survey within the first two weeks of September 2019; log their food and drink in MyFitnessPal for the duration of the challenge, and make the information available to the judging panel on request; provide evidence of training activities (via Strava or Garmin/Suunto activities and race results) on request; log their “final run” between 12.01am on 17th November and 11.59pm on 1st December; and lodge their challenge assessment by 11.59pm on 1st December
  7. This challenge does not provide personalised training plans or nutritional advice – participants are expected to build their own plans using the tools provided (however coached athletes may design a specific challenge training block with their coach)
  8. Coaches will generally not be reviewing individual training activities or MyFitnessPal entries during the course of the challenge. Instead, Strava/Garmi/Suunto/MFP etc data MAY be requested during judging to provide evidence of the work done, and eliminate any doubt around the validity of progress and achievements.
  9. Any participants found falsifying records, cheating, overtly sandbagging, discouraging or sabotaging another participant, or behaving in any way that undermines the integrity of the challenge will be disqualified
  10. Remember: the best outcome for everybody is to improve their own half marathon time within a three month period! This achievement alone is worth more than the entry fee – the prizes and accolades are a bonus!


Prizes and categories:

  1. Grand Champion – most impressive achievement or exceeding of goal (Coaches’ Choice)
  2. Male Most Improved; Female Most Improved – % improvement in pace over half marathon distance (starting run vs official race results)
  3. Distant Athlete Achievement (Coaches’ Choice)
  4. Local Athlete Achievement (Coaches’ Choice)
  5. Players’ Player – voted by other participants in challenge assessment (people can’t vote for themselves – they choose someone they think has worked hard but also been a great supporter of others in the challenge)
  6. A number of minor lucky door prizes will be drawn from any remaining participants who do not win another award
  7. Participants are only eligible to win one major prize (1-4); however Players’ Player may be awarded to someone who does win one of the other prizes

Entry fee is payable to UP Coaching via Direct Deposit or ANZ terminal at training.

For direct deposits please use “UPSPRING” then your surname.

ANZ account-
Brendan Davies, BSB 012429, account 460910777



    Cost includes

Buff, Entry into competition, coaching help and support in special group, discounted race entry into Central Coast Half.


Frequently Asked Questions

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