Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are programs ‘individualised’ and ‘tailored’ for me?

A. There are a number of ways Coaches will individualise and tailor a program for you.

Firstly your age, gender and experience is the first thing we take into account. This influences your volume, frequency of sessions and the type of running and strength work sessions you do.

Coaches will work out your optimal training paces or HR zones using a combination of field tests and baseline assessments. These paces will then influence your training sessions. Further, coaches will address weaknesses you may have in your running with emphasis on sessions aimed at these.

Programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle and to optimise the training hours you have available. This is done on an ongoing basis, even daily if need be, and is particularly useful for those who work irregular hours who are time poor.

Lastly, your training environment is also factored in. For instance, if you live in a flat environment but are training for a mountain or trail race, we can help you find solutions.

Q: What factors are considered in selection of my Coach?

A: Just like athletes, all the UP Coaching Coaches have a wide range of different strengths, skills and levels of experiences.

All the Coaches have been chosen carefully to cover the whole spectrum of athletes – from the very beginners to the elite; from road runners to trail runners; from young runners to those in the mature age categories.

Ultimately it is the ideal that athletes are matched with a Coach that will be the most suitable to that athlete’s unique set of qualities. For instance, while all coaches are more than qualified to coach beginner runners, there are only a few coaches comfortable coaching high performance athletes. The same applies to the different disciplines of running. There are some coaches that have an extensive ultra-trail running experience that would be compatible with athletes with goals in this field.

Age and experience levels of athletes is also considered. We have wonderful Coaches – and the more experienced coaches can use their many years in the sport to great benefit for more mature athletes as they themselves have experienced how their own training regimes have had to be modified as a result of age.

Lastly, locality is considered. An athlete who is able to form rapport with their coach through face-to-face experiences will always develop a deeper and more meaningful athlete/coach relationship. This will ultimately assist both parties. For this reason, I have sought Coaches is most major cities around Australia and am continually trying to expand local training sessions which at this point in time take place in Penrith, Blue Mountains and The Hills in NSW and Canberra in the ACT.

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