Steven Gibson, 2018 UTA100 Race Report

UTA 100 - 2018 A vague recollection of events and portrayal of the Ultra Trail 100km 2018 run through the beautiful Blue Mountains. "I’d lost my running mojo, but think I found it in the bottom of the valley that dark cold night" 'Take a literary...

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Battling the post-UTA slump

By Coach Graham Hand and Gemma Holly A couple of weeks after UTA and the post-run high has well and truly worn off. It might be quite a while until your next big race, and even though you know you’re physically fit, you’re struggling to run even...

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Trouble Shooting for UTA

UP Coaching Coach Wes Gibson puts on his coaching hat and tells us how to best prepare, plan and troubleshoot for the UTA events. Your training has been planned perfectly for your goals, lifestyle and ability level. You have hit every session...

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