It’s Race Time!

It’s Race Time!

It's Race Time

STOP! It’s race week and the paranoia is setting in, the nerves lead to thoughts that something just has to go wrong to prevent you having the best race you can. Shut down those thoughts and dwell on the positives you can take out from your training. Visualise the race – the start line, finding your rhythm, smiling, enjoying the event with all of those around you, the middle of your race, getting over that hump and finishing strong.

Race week is about fine-tuning, getting your form down to a fine art. Make sure you get some extra rest. Go to bed 30 minute earlier than you might normally. Keep your diet how it has been all through your training, if it has worked in the build-up then there is no reason to change a winning formula. You may want to consider adding some additional good carbohydrates during race week but don’t overdo it. Keep training but lighten the load whilst maintaining the intensity and the form focus.

“My knee feels a little stiff.” “Is that my hamstring feeling a bit tight?” “I think my ankle is creaking.”

Coach Darryl is an experienced Ultra Trail runner and Coach at UP Coaching.

Coach Darryl runs UP Coaching Sessions at Glenbrook and coaches online athletes around Australia.

It's all in the head

The mental part of racing is just as critical as the physical part. Use race week to also fine-tune your mental game. Think positive, remind yourself of those hard training sessions where you came out the other side with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment and tell yourself how tough you are. Are you going to race hard and hit some rough patches? Of course, you are but you know how to get through that and, like you’ve done before, come out the other side.

In your final week of preparation, decide on the shoes that will transport you to triumph, make sure your favourite running gear will be ready for you and it not sitting in the washing basket. Check the registration process and, of course, make sure you’ve signed up for your chosen event!

Race day! Make sure you eat before your race. Again, no need to deviate from your regular diet if it has worked in the lead-up. Keep drinking before your race, small sips, no need to chug down litres of water on race morning.

So stop listening to the negative thoughts about niggles and draw on your training. You’re ready, tell yourself over and over. You’ve got this!

Be Prepared

A great thing to do pre-race is to know the course. Study the Map so you know where the start line and finish is and where to run on the day.

It is amazing how many people show up on Race Day and don’t know the course. BE PREPARED!

Know what time the Race Starts, this is important so you can collect your Bibs, do a proper warm-up and be at the front ready to go.

  • Marathon: 7:00am
  • Half Marathon 7:30am
  • 5km 9:00am
  • 10km 9:30am
  • 2.5km 10:30am

The Western Sydney Marathon has fast become Western Sydney’s premier running event attracting numerous runners from local regions, interstate and internationally. It is one of the most affordable marathon events on the running calendar making it an attractive option for the experienced or entry level athlete.

Situated in Penrith, the marathon is held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre which boasts scenic views of Penrith Lakes, Lower Blue Mountains and surrounding parkland. A fast flat course has been designed which navigates the main lake, crosses the island bridges to the Regatta Centre and weaves around roads within and outside of the venue.

The Western Sydney Marathon celebrates health, fitness and active lifestyles. It is a fun and festive day out for the whole family, with a health and fitness expo, activities for the kids, entertainment and massage. Whether you are trying to beat your best time or are after a fun family activity, this event is about bringing families and communities together.

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