Western Sydney Marathon Article 3: Fuel & Hydration

Fuel & Hydration

By Coach Paul Manning

You have done your training for the Western Sydney Marathon events, put in the hard yards all through Winter and are feeling great about all the training you have done for your respective race and are feeling the fittest you have for a long time…but have you overlooked one of the most important ingredients in your running? Your Fuel and Hydration plan. This could make a huge difference in you achieving your race goal, whether it be ‘finishing’ or nailing a certain time.

  • Do you have a plan?
  • Have you put it into practice during your training runs?

Fuel and hydration does not have to be confusing, but because our bodies are different and we all function at different fitness and experience levels “it is not a one size fits all plan”.

Some key ideas that you may want to consider.

  • Hydration – water, electrolyte, what works best for you? Will the aid stations on the course be enough for the time you are going to be out there? Are you going to use a small hydration pack, a waist belt or a hand held bottle for hydration?
  • Fuel – So much choice here, gels, small snacks, energy bars, lollies etc again what works for you? Those running the half and marathon have to particularly consider this. Don’t forget to consider how you are going to carry this on you. Pockets? Waist belt?
  • You have been training through Winter, it has been cold, your event is in late September its much warmer then when you were in training. Think of the weather conditions and what affect it will play in your fuel and hydration planning? Heat and humidity is a massive influence on your hydration and fuelling.

Some key points to consider…

Whatever your plan, remember to put it into practice in your training, it is no good turning up race day and you have not put your hydration and fuel plan into practice. Find out the best combination that works for you and your body and this could greatly enhance your running experience.

At UP Coaching, all the coaches are able to offer sound race day planning and advice concerning your race day fuel and hydration drawing on our extensive experience as athletes and coaches. We can recommend products and quantities based on our expertise and places to source them. Locally there are many shops stocking running specific nutrition, we recommend Blue Mountains Running Co. in Glenbrook.

For those athletes wishing to have a personalised nutrition plan, both for your everyday training and race day performance, we recommend seeking the services of a nutritionist, such as Jen Moulin from ProActive Nutrition.

Don’t let poor fuelling and hydration ‘floor’ you!

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