Western Sydney Marathon Article 5: Mental ‘Pacing’ for Road Running

September 13, 2017

Mental ‘Pacing’ for Road Running By Coach Stephane Moulin A road event such as those at the Western Sydney Marathon (marathon, half, 10k) provides a high level of attraction as with a reasonable amount of training, results can be achieved by most. Unlike ultra distances, it doesn’t require a huge training workload and experience to be able to be successful. But like an ultra the mind does play a big part into your success. Being road based events, those tend to be fast paced event, which require a high degree of focus and concentration to ‘stay on pace and keep check on technique” to achieve that specific goal time. Obviously, the training program prior to such event would incorporate a mix of long […]


Western Sydney Marathon Article 4: Handling the Niggles

September 6, 2017

Handling the Niggles By Coach Darryl Johnson “How are you feeling?” “Great. Just a few niggles but don’t we all?” Do we all have “niggles” or could it sometimes be more than that or could it lead to more than that? What’s a niggle? What’s an injury? There is one person that knows your body better than anyone and that is you! When leading in to a key event like theWestern Sydney Marathon events your training volume and intensity will generally increase as will your susceptibility to more aches and pains – niggles. Listen to your body and give it the attention it is crying out for. During peak training, maintenance is key – self massage, stretching, REST! Identify what works best […]


RTGWT Article 1: Hardening the Chassis

September 3, 2017

Hardening the Chassis By Brendan Davies Head Coach, UP Coaching No doubt by now anyone taking part in the Run the Great Whitsunday Trail Events would have, over the last couple of months, put the miles in the bank with a steady training schedule made up of mainly aerobic zoned running. This base training phase is crucial to ‘build the engine’ that will enable us to cover the 28.7km distance on the day. In the last month it’s now important to work on honing the ‘chassis’, making the body strong and robust to handle the rigours of the trail. We must work on having muscles toughened for the hills, the body conditioned to handle the terrain of the trail and […]


Western Sydney Marathon Article 3: Fuel & Hydration

August 29, 2017

Fuel & Hydration By Coach Paul Manning You have done your training for the Western Sydney Marathon events, put in the hard yards all through Winter and are feeling great about all the training you have done for your respective race and are feeling the fittest you have for a long time…but have you overlooked one of the most important ingredients in your running? Your Fuel and Hydration plan. This could make a huge difference in you achieving your race goal, whether it be ‘finishing’ or nailing a certain time. Do you have a plan? Have you put it into practice during your training runs? Fuel and hydration does not have to be confusing, but because our bodies are different and we all […]


Western Sydney Marathon Article 2: Recovery

August 22, 2017

Recovery By Coach Wes Gibson In the lead in to the Western Sydney Marathon events, all athletes should be following a structured running program. In this article, Coach Wes looks at the importance of recovery in your program, and how they can benefit your running and indeed your overall well being. R is for REST DAYS: These should most definitely be taken and used as an effective part of your training routine. They allow adaptations to take place and it is from these adaptations that you will start to notice improvement and progress. Further to this, you get a chance to top up energy supplies, unwind with family/friends and get a break from running. Do not underestimate the importance of a […]


Western Sydney Marathon Article 1: Finding Form

August 14, 2017

Finding Form By Coach Graham Hand With the lead up to the Western Sydney Marathon races, no matter the distance athletes should take time out each week to work on their form. Good runners seem to run like it’s effortless as they let gravity do the work for them. But you too can Run with Confidence. It is impossible to change form over night. However, it is possible to work on inefficiencies and start to work on little parts of the whole picture and piece it together bit by bit. Here are the top 7 Tips on efficient running. Stride (Get your feet landing under your general mass and landing on the balls of your feet). Don’t ‘stretch your legs’ […]


Is Strength Training Important For Runners?

June 16, 2017

Is Strength Training Important For Runners? By Coach Graham Hand The simple answer is yes. The human body comes in all shapes and sizes and each athlete is different, but regardless of what you look like, it is important to fit some form of strength training into your regime. If you haven’t visited a physiotherapist during the course of your running journey then you are one of the lucky ones. If you have then you will normally get treatment which will involve, you guessed it, strength exercises. Different muscle groups are used for running on road and trail. Runners must have strong muscles to get through the range of motion required for vigorous activities. We have all heard the term “work smarter not […]


Battling the post-UTA slump

June 9, 2017

By Coach Graham Hand and Gemma Holly A couple of weeks after UTA and the post-run high has well and truly worn off. It might be quite a while until your next big race, and even though you know you’re physically fit, you’re struggling to run even a short distance on the footpath. So how do you get your mojo back? How do you recover mentally as well as physically in the month or so that follows the big dance? Well the first thing you need to know is you’re not alone! It’s entirely normal to lose your motivation after a big race, and UTA – whichever event you ran in – is definitely one of the biggest. Q: Why […]


Trouble Shooting for UTA

May 1, 2017

UP Coaching Coach Wes Gibson puts on his coaching hat and tells us how to best prepare, plan and troubleshoot for the UTA events. Your training has been planned perfectly for your goals, lifestyle and ability level. You have hit every session spot on and have been able to train on course regularly taking in the “ins and outs” of the UTA environment. Your taper has been a perfect mix of rest, recovery and training allowing the adaptations to take foot in your muscles and you have been sleeping like a baby in the lead up to race day. Your accommodation is perfect, you eat super well the week before race day and at the expo on the Friday you get […]


Mind Management for Ultras

April 16, 2017

Ultra Mind – Mind Management for Ultras By Stephane Moulin The sun is high, you reach a lookout, the sky is blue, the breeze is cooling you off, the views are outstanding , birds are chirping, you’re feeling great. WAKE UP! This is what we all think about when entering an ultra event, but this pretty postcard perfect picture is far from reality – well, most of the time… One enters an ultra because of the challenge, the environment, the people and camaraderie but also the suffering and the to push oneself to their own limit and redefining that limit. Suffering goes hand in hand in any ultra, both physical and mental. And as much as you can the physical, […]