Marnie Ponton Interview

March 14, 2017

Coach Brendan interviews 2017 Women’s Six Foot Track Marathon Champion Marnie Ponton.


Running Technique

March 6, 2017

Head  Coach Brendan gives us his basic principles around the topic of Running Technique. Please see attached document. Running Technique


Hill Running

March 1, 2017

UP Coaching Coach Graham Hand gives us some great tips on how to tackle the ‘Ups and Downs’ of Hill Running in Trail Events like Ultra-Trail Australia. Please see attached document. Hill Running by Graham Hand


Why the 50 Is Not Just the 50

February 12, 2017

UP Coaching Coach Darryl Johnson tells us what’s really special about the Ultra-Trail Australia 50km event and why it should never be seen as ‘just’ the 50k 🙂 Please see attached document. Why the 50 Is Not Just the 50


Coast to Kosci Race Report

December 14, 2016

Coast to Kosci Race Report By Coach Stephane Moulin I wasn’t going to write a race report as I thought that people wouldn’t be interested that much but after quite a few athletes asked me if I was here I go…. I thought long and hard about how to approach it and decided to “call it as I saw it” not hiding from the highs and lows. C2K has been on my mind since crewing for Brendan in 2014 and seeing just how much it takes to get over that finish line. I have never seen anybody fight as hard or dig as deep as Brendan did that race, tipping himself over the edge and coming out the other side. […]


UP Coaching Merchandise

August 31, 2016

Please see attached document for all UP Coaching Merchandise orders! Merch Orders Autumn 2017


Western States 100 Mile Race Report

August 7, 2016

By UP Coaching Athlete, Richard Bettles Note to self: “Do more down hill training next time you do Western States, your quads will thank you” Well at least I can say there could be a next time. Here is my WSER 100 race report A 100mile race report starts well before gun goes off. The training and support of people around me deserves a report of its own but so this isn’t war and peace, let’s get in to the business end. There’s a whole lot to think about and months of admin to get to the start line. I wish it was easy enough to rock up to the line and start running when the gun goes off but […]


Chamonix 80km Race Report

July 27, 2016

By Coach Stephane Moulin Weather was un-seasonally hot – over 30 degrees in the valley planned for the day. Due to late now falls, the highest peaks were too snowed under and an alternate route was put in place – which resulted in confusion as per CP distances and gains and an overall 8 to 9km extra mileage. Hot weather resulted in a lot of snow melt ie streams of water on the trails everywhere and wet feet for most of the day. Got to Chamonix on the Thursday lunchtime, gear check, pick up, early bed and ready to go. Had a good few days recovering from flight over, well hydrated and fuelled. Nutrition based on Perpetuem (paste), Endurolytes (3 […]


GPS Watches Demystified

July 25, 2016

GPS Watches Demystified By Coaches Stephane Moulin, Graham Hand and Brendan Davies There are a lot of running “smart” devices on the market and it is hard to make a choice sometimes…. One key attribute that some runners may be looking for is elevation gain to capture those trail adventures. Most of us use a GPS (or multiple) watch to capture our running which is then exported to some third party/proprietary application for review, sharing, analysis. Global Positioning System – GPS The global positioning system is a satellite-based navigation system consisting of a network of 32 or so orbiting satellites that are 20,200km above the Earth. The satellites are constantly moving, making two complete orbits around the Earth in just […]


2016 Knapsack Lap Race Results

February 7, 2016

Click on link to see results from UP Coaching Athletes  2016 Knapsack Lap Race Results